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 Find by Replacement Equipment/-Components


If, for example, a piece of equipment has broken down, it may be necessary to procure a replacement piece of equivalent equipment in the short term. From the order processing you can search for a replacement component and copy it into the order.

This function is also available in the object information for notifications or equipment master records; however, here the results list is of a purely informative nature.


The system uses the classification data as a basis for the search. If the piece of equipment is classified more than once, that is, it is assigned to more than one class, a dialog box appears in which you can select the class which should be used as the basis of the search.

If you have called up the search from the order processing, you can select a piece of equipment from the results list. The system thereby copies the data according to the following priorities:

  1. If the equipment has a material number, a construction type and a serial number, the system copies the material number.

  2. If the system cannot find any material number, it copies the construction type.

  3. If the system cannot find either a material number or a construction type, it doesn’t copy anything.


You can start the Find Replacement Equipment/-Component function in the following functions:


Menu Path

What you ought to know

Create / Change / Display order

On the General Operation Data screen, choose Replacement Component.

You can cope a component from the results list into the order.

On the Header Data tab page, choose Object Information and then Replacement Component.

Create / Change / Display notification

On the Notification tab page, choose Object Information and then Replacement Equipment.

Here the results list is of a purely informative nature.

You can, for example, manually write the information found into the long text.

Create / Change / Display equipment.

Choose Start of the navigation path Extras Next navigation step Object Info End of the navigation path and then Replacement Equipment.