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 2.1 Changing a Form Scenario


The Relocation process (ZTPR) is now enhanced with two steps. After the employee starts the process, the superior responsible is able to request a relocation benefit for his or her employee. You must enhance form scenario ZTFS with the following fields from the Additional Payments (0015) infotype:

  • Relocation benefit (wage type)

    This field has a default value and is not displayed on the form.

  • Amount

  • Currency

    This field has a default value and is only displayed.

The superior enters an amount for the relocation benefit and sends the form.

The next higher-level superior (in this case, for test purposes, the workflow initiator) receives the form and checks whether the amount for the relocation benefit is correct. He or she then decides whether to approve or reject the request, or send a query to the employee that made the request.

In this lesson you perform the following activities:

  • You define the required form fields for enhancing the process and configure the default values.

  • You define two additional scenario steps.

  • You assign the form fields to the back-end service.


Perform the Create a Form Scenario IMG activity.

Defining Form Fields
  1. Select form scenario ZTFS.

  2. Choose Form Fields in the dialog structure.

  3. Enter version 0 in the following dialog box.

  4. Choose New Entries .

    Use the input values from the table below.

    Note Note

    The following table schematically represents the input values and does not represent the complete Customizing table columns.

    End of the note.

    Input Values for Additional Form Fields for Form Scenario ZTFS

    Field Name


    Default Value Type

    Default Value

    Srv.No. Field Value

    Input Help Type


    Relocation Benefit

    Manual Default Value


    No Input Help



    No Default Value


    No Input Help



    Manual Default Value


    No Input Help

Save your entries.

Defining Scenario Steps
  1. Select the form scenario version.

  2. In the dialog structure choose Scenario Steps and then New Entries .

  3. Create the following scenario steps:

    Scenario step: FSS_2

    Name: Insert Bonus Data


    Scenario step: FSS_3

    Name: Approve/Reject Bonus

  4. Save your entries.

Assigning Form Fields to the Back-End Service

Assign the form fields to service SAP_PA:

  1. In the dialog structure choose Form Fields of Service .

  2. Select version 0 and the back-end service 100 (SAP-PA).

  3. Choose New Entries .

  4. Use input help to select the newly created form fields.

  5. Save your entries and exit processing.


You have enhanced the form scenario with the required form fields for requesting a relocation benefit payment, and created the necessary scenario steps for enhancing the process.