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 Inspections Using Multiple Specifications


When deciding on how to use a material or batch, you sometimes need additional information about the suitability or admissibility of the product (for example, because of customer-specific or country-specific requirements, or requirements specified by pharmacopoeia). In the SAP system, you can define such criteria in inspection plans with the help of multiple specifications, based on various objects such as country, customer, pharmacopoeia, and so on.

You can:

  • Call up and display these multiple specifications for information purposes throughout the inspection processing activities in QM

  • Use the multiple specifications as a basis for valuating a material or batch during results recording or when making the usage decision

  • Include the multiple specifications on quality certificates

You use the multiple specifications to determine the suitability of a batch based on particular specifications. The overall valuation of a batch for each object tells you whether or not the batch can be delivered to a specific customer or used under certain conditions.

The use of multiple specifications influences all inspection processing activities in QM, from inspection planning through certificate creation.

  • Inspection planning

    • Creating and maintaining the multiple specifications

  • Inspection lot creation

    • Transferring multiple specifications into the inspection lot

  • Results recording

    • Displaying the object list

    • Displaying multiple specifications for each characteristic

    • Automatic valuation of multiple specifications

  • Usage decision

    • Displaying the object list

    • Displaying the valuation of multiple specifications

    • Overall valuation of multiple specifications

    • Batch classification

  • Certificate creation

    • Determining specifications for the object