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 Entry of Completion Confirmations for Orders


You use this process when you enter completion confirmations for maintenance or service orders.


You can only enter completion confirmations if the order to which you are referring is released for processing.

Note Note

If you enter very comprehensive completion confirmations and it is therefore important for you to improve performance, see Decoupling of Completion Confirmation Processes .

End of the note.

Process Flow

The maximum number of steps that a completion confirmation can contain is as follows:

  1. Selection of the required entry transaction

  2. According to the quantity and type of the completion confirmations, you can choose different entry transactions for the completion confirmation.

    See Entry Options .

  3. Confirmation of time data

  4. This can also be entered in different ways, according to the type of data being entered.

    See Time Completion Confirmation .

  5. Confirmation of material used

  6. There are also different entry methods available here.

    See Completion Confirmation of Material Used .

  7. Confirmation of measurement and counter readings

  8. In the completion confirmation, you can enter measurement and counter readings.

    See Completion Confirmation of Measurement and Counter Readings .

  9. Confirmation of installation and dismantling information

  10. In the completion confirmation, you can also enter information about installing and dismantling technical objects.

    See Completion Confirmation of Installation and Dismantling Information .

  11. Confirmation of goods receipts for refurbished material

  12. In the completion confirmation, you can post the goods receipt for materials, which have been refurbished.

    See Goods Receipt for Refurbished Material .

  13. Technical completion confirmation

  14. In the completion confirmation, you can also enter technical data/findings.

    See Technical Completion Confirmation .

  15. Confirmation of services

  16. In the completion confirmation, you can confirm the internal execution of services.

    See Completion Confirmation of Services

  17. Confirmation of external services/external material

  18. You can also confirm services and materials, which are purchased by external companies, on an order.

    See Completion Confirmation of External Services or External Material .

  19. Cancellation of a completion confirmation

  20. For various reasons, it may be necessary for you to cancel completion confirmations.

    See Cancellation of the Completion Confirmation .

  21. Display of completion confirmations

  22. Different options are available for displaying completion confirmations.

    See Display of Completion Confirmations .

  23. Costs display

There are various options available for displaying costs, which exist as soon as the work has been started and completion confirmations have been entered.

See Cost Determination and Display of Actual Costs .