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 Approving a Travel Request


You can approve travel requests individually using the Travel Manager .

So that an automatic transfer of the requested trip advance can be made via FI, the appropriate travel request must have been approved.


In order to approve travel requests you require a special authorization. The setting for this authorization is made in the authorization concept of the role assigned to you.

In the standard delivery the approving manager (SAP_FI_TV_MANAGER_GENERIC) role has this authorization.

You can edit the roles from the SAP Easy Access menu via Start of the navigation path Tools Next navigation step Administration Next navigation step User maintenance Next navigation step Roles End of the navigation path .


  1. From the Travel Management menu, call up the Travel Manager .

  2. Choose List of all Trips .

  3. Select the travel request to be approved, and choose Change .

  4. Choose Approve .

To approve travel requests using the approval program, proceed as follows:

  1. In the menu, choose Start of the navigation path Travel Management Next navigation step Travel Expenses Next navigation step Periodical processing Next navigation step Approve trips End of the navigation path .

  1. On the tab page Status , enter in the Approval status field the value 1 ( Request entered ) as selection criteria.

  1. To execute the program, choose .

  1. Select all the trips to be approved.

  2. Choose .

For more information about all the functions of the approval program for trips, see the SAP Library under Start of the navigation path Travel Management Next navigation step Travel expenses Next navigation step Approve trips Next navigation step Approval program End of the navigation path .


Once the object Travel request from the Travel Manager has been approved the status of the corresponding travel expense report for a trip also changes to Request approved / to be settled . The person responsible for processing the request (can also be the traveler) can see from the overview of the trips that the request has been approved and can then carry out the appropriate travel planning or travel expense statement.

If advances have been requested for a trip, the transfer via Financial Accounting (FI) can now be made.

Caution Caution

Mass approval

You can approve a large number of travel requests using the approval program for trips. This type of travel request approval refers to the status Request approved/to be settled for the object travel expense report and not to the object travel request in the Travel Manager .

For more information, see the approval program .

End of the caution.

SAP Business Workflow®

For more information on the connection of the travel request to the SAP Business Workflow, see the SAP Library, under Start of the navigation path Basis Next navigation step Business Management Next navigation step SAP Business Workflow Next navigation step Reference Documentation Next navigation step FI Financials: Workflow Scenarios End of the navigation path or Start of the navigation path PA Personnel Management: Workflow Scenarios Next navigation step Workflow Scenarios in Travel Management Next navigation step Approve Travel Request End of the navigation path .