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 Shop Papers for Orders


Documents which are required to process an order.


The following types of shop paper are available in the standard system:

  • Operation control ticket

The operation control ticket provides the employee responsible in Plant Maintenance with a complete overview of the order. Here you can also find the specifications on permits.

  • Job ticket

The job ticket, which accompanies the order, provides the manual worker performing the task with a complete overview of the order.

  • Staging (of material) list

The staging list shows the warehouse clerk which materials have been scheduled for each operation in the order.

  • Material withdrawal slip

Material withdrawal slips authorize the manual worker to issue the materials required for the order from the warehouse. A separate material withdrawal slip is printed for each material component.

  • Time ticket

The time ticket is a means of entering work times and settling labor costs to cost centers or cost objects.

Time tickets are only printed for operations where specified by the control key. The number of time tickets specified for each manual worker involved in an order is printed out for each operation. The manual worker enters the time that he needed to perform the operation.

  • Time ticket for split records

For this time ticket, the same conditions apply as for the normal time ticket. However, the specified number is printed for each operation split. The manual worker enters on it the time that he required to execute the split.

  • Completion confirmation ticket

On the completion confirmation ticket, the manual workers enter the relevant confirmation data for each operation, if they themselves do not have authorization to use the system. The entries on the tickets are then recorded centrally in the system.

For each operation, completion confirmation tickets are issued in the planned quantity, if the control key for the operation allows the printing of completion confirmations and one of the shop papers is indicated as a completion confirmation ticket.

  • Completion confirmation ticket for split records

The same conditions apply for this completion confirmation ticket as for the normal completion confirmation ticket. However, the specified number is printed for each operation split.