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 Authorization Main Switches for the Context Solution

For the context authorization check there are context authorization main switches of group AUTSW in table T77S0 ( System Table ), which enable you to control the use of context authorization objects :

You can enter the settings of the authorization main switches using the OOAC transaction ( HR: Authorization Main Switch ). You find these settings in the Implementation Guide (IMG) for Personnel Administration under Start of the navigation path Tools Next navigation step Authorization Management Next navigation step Context Authorization Check Next navigation step Edit Context Authorization Main Switches. End of the navigation path

Note Note

Note that it is possible to activate AUTSW ORGIN ( HR: Master Data ) with AUTSW XXCON ( HR Master Data: Extended Check (Context) ), or AUTSW ORGXX ( HR Master Data: Extended Check ) with AUTSW INCON ( HR Master Data (Context) ) simultaneously.

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