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 Handling Units in the Warehouse


In Warehouse Management (WM), you can use handling units to process warehouse movements such as putaway, picking, or stock transfers. Furthermore, handling units can be created in the warehouse, labeled, and also picked for existing deliveries.


If a handling unit (HU) is put away, it becomes a storage unit with the same number in the warehouse. Handling units are treated like storage units in the warehouse. Number assignment occurs via the storage unit. Inventory is kept at HU-managed storage locations. Handling units can also be put away in decentralized warehouses .

The storage unit recognizes the sum of the materials and their related quantities. Handling units recognize packing hierarchies (resulting from nesting) and the serial numbers relating to them. If the stock is changed, it follows that both the storage unit and the handling unit are changed as well.

Now, you can also use handling units to manage serial numbers in the warehouse.

In Warehouse Management, inventory at HU-managed storage locations is generally managed by using storage units. This occurs regardless of whether Storage Unit Management is activated for a storage type. However, if a storage type has a putaway strategy, Storage Unit Management must be active in order to be able to put away handling units.

Recommendation Recommendation

Activate Storage Unit Management for all storage types in which you want to putaway handling units and that have putaway strategies. Leave Storage Unit Management deactivated for all other storage types, especially for interim storage areas.

You can define for each warehouse number whether several users can pick the same material from the same storage bin at the same time, and if so, to what extent. If you use Handling Unit Management, it is necessary to use blocking logic B (Block material (shared) for maximum level of parallel proc.). See also: Define Control Parameters for Warehouse Number .

End of the recommendation.