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 4.1 Enabling Employees to Start the Process


In this lesson you set the start authorizations for the employees. This means that you can determine that, in addition to the HR Administrator, a user with the Employee role can also start a certain process.


To perform this step, you need to understand the Self-Services Homepage . For more information, see Self-Services Homepage .


  1. Depending on certain groupings, you can override the processes that you defined using the Specify Valid Processes for Start Applications IMG activity in the Creating a Process step. For example, this allows you to determine certain processes for certain employee groups as the start application.

    1. Specify the Employee role as the process initiator.

    2. Add process ZTPR to the valid processes for the required object group.

    3. Specify the validity period for the process for the start application.

  2. Define the required service.

    1. Choose the IMG activity Start of the navigation path Homepage Framework Next navigation step Services Next navigation step Define Services End of the navigation path .

    2. Select the EMPLOYEE_PERSINFO_ADDRESS05 ( Addresses ) service and choose Detail .

    3. Enter CL_HRASR00_PROCESSES_AREAPAGE as the proxy class.

    4. Link the entry for the service to the correct resource.

      The resource is country-specific for the services for changing address data. Specify resource EMPLOYEE_ADDRESS_XX_SERVICE05.

  3. Maintain the resource.

    1. Choose the IMG activity Start of the navigation path Homepage Framework Next navigation step Resources Next navigation step Define Resources End of the navigation path .

    2. Select resource EMPLOYEE_ADDRESS_XX_SERVICE05 and choose Detail .

    3. Under URL of PCD Page, check whether the PCD path to the portal is correct.

    4. Specify the required process under URL Parameters . Enter sap.xss.disablehdr&Process=ZTPR .

      Note that this entry is case sensitive, and ensure that you spell the Process parameter correctly.

  4. In the Content Administration area, copy the iView for the new service.

    You can copy and transfer an existing iView without having to make any changes to it. The PCD path that you specify in the Content Administration area must agree with the PCD path that you specified in Customizing for Self-Services Homepage , under URL of PCD Page .


The employees that belong to the relevant employee grouping can now start the process themselves.