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  Transfer a PReq to an External Procurement System


Using this function you can transfer purchase requisitions to an external procurement system from maintenance orders, service orders, and network, for example SAP Enterprise Buyer (EBP). For more information about the SAP Enterprise Buyer, see the SAP Library under Bid Invitation and Quotation with the Enterprise Buyer .


You installed the SAP R/3 Plug-in for the EBP.

You require this plug-in even if you do not use the EBP, but rather a different external procurement system.

In the Customizing of the Plug-In system, under Supplier Relationship ManagementPlanning-Controlled Procurement, you determined in which system (external procurement system or SAP system) purchase order handling for a purchase requisition should take place.

You can also use the Customer Exit BBPK0001 and thus determine your own logic in the purchasing profile.

The system creates a purchase requisition(PReq).


Communication between the SAP system and the external system occurs via a qRFC (queued Remote Function Call).


The system carries out the following activities automatically:

The system decides whether purchase order handling should be carried out in the SAP system or in a different external system based on the settings in Customizing.

If handling should occur in an external system, the system transfers the purchase requisition to the external system and sets a flag in the SAP system that prevents a purchase order from being created there.

The external system decides whether the purchase requisition is replicated in the SAP system and if the subsequent process takes place there or in the external system.

Creating and deleting occurs in both scenarios in the SAP system.

If you change the purchase requisition in the SAP system, the system transfers the entire document with its changes to the external procurement system.