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  Forms for Travel Expense Statements


Travel Management uses PDF-based forms for printing travel expense statements. Summarized forms are still based on ABAP lists.


Travel Management provides a PDF interface for travel expense statements and an example PDF form for the travel expense statement .

To modify the PDF-based forms supplied by SAP, copy them and then edit them using the Adobe Form Builder . You then specify the situations in Travel Management in which you want your forms to be displayed.

Note Note

Settings you made for the ABAP-based forms in previous releases have no effect on the PDF-based forms.

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You will find the IMG activities for configuring PDF-based forms, along with the associated documentation, in the Implementation Guide for Travel Management under Start of the navigation path Travel Expenses Next navigation step Dialog and Travel Expenses Control Next navigation step Forms. End of the navigation path

For more information on using the Form Builder for PDF-based forms, refer to the SAP Library under Start of the navigation path SAP NetWeaver Library Next navigation step IT Scenarios at a Glance Next navigation step SAP NetWeaver by Key Capability Next navigation step Application Platform by Key Capability Next navigation step Business Services Next navigation step Interactive Forms based on Adobe Software. End of the navigation path


Travel Management also uses PDF-based forms for travel requests and travel plans.


For information on general constraints regarding PDF-based forms, refer to SAP Note 863894.

If you use Travel Management for the Public Sector in Germany, Austria, and France, you need to change over to ABAP-based forms in Travel Management. For the public sector in other countries, you still need to check whether the standard forms can be modified to meet your requirements.

If you need to (or want to) use the ABAP list forms, you can find further information at the link ABAP List Forms for Travel Expense Statements .