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 Assignment of a Task List to a Notification


You can assign a task list to maintenance and service notifications. If this notification is assigned to an order at a later stage, the system copies the operations in the task list to the order. For more information, see Worklist for Notifications .

Maintenance plan notifications , that is, notifications that were created by a maintenance plan, receive their task list from the maintenance item in the maintenance plan. The task list is referenced and cannot be changed.


In Customizing for Plant Maintenance and Customer Service you have activated the Maintenance plan (10\TAB08) tab page for the notification type under Set Screen Templates for the Notification Type .

For maintenance plan notifications, the tab page is displayed automatically as soon as a task list is assigned to the notification via the maintenance plan.


  1. Call up the notification in change mode.

  2. Choose the Task list tab page.

  3. Enter a task list.