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 Assigning Company Codes (Collective Processing)


You can use collective processing to make changes to the company code assignments of a larger number of profit centers without having to change the master data for each single profit center..

If you do not change the company code assignments in either individual processing or collective processing, a profit center is assigned to all company codes in the controlling area.

The Consolidation ( SEM-BCS or EC-CS ) application component may make it necessary for certain company codes to be selected. If the profit center is not assigned to a company code, the system issues an error message whenever a corresponding posting is made.

Note that you can only assign joint venture data to the profit center for the selected company codes.

For more information about the collective processing of other types of master data, see Editing Master Data (Collective Processing) .


In the application menu, choose Master DataProfit CenterCollective Processing Company Code Assignment

The system displays the profit center standard hierarchy. A column is inserted for each company code selected, indicating for each profit center whether or not it is assigned to the company code in question. Note than you can select no more than 20 company codes at a time. To process any further company codes, repeat the transaction.

Rather than displaying the standard hierarchy, you can display selected profit center groups instead. You can also restrict the display to selected company codes.

If there are certain company codes that you do not want to be affected by the changes you make, select the corresponding company code ID in the column header. To reverse this step, just select on the company code ID again.

If you would not like any company codes to be affected by the changes you make, choose EditNo company codes being edited . If you would like all company codes to be affected by the changes you make, choose EditAll company codes are edited .

means that the company code cannot be edited.

means that the company code can be edited.

Make the desired changes.

To assign individual company codes to individual profit centers, select the corresponding field by clicking on it. To reverse this assignment, just click on the field again.

To select a profit center row, choose in front of the corresponding profit center ID.

To select more than one profit center, keep the Ctrl key pressed down on your keyboard.

To select an interval of profit centers, keep the Ctrl key andpressed down on your keyboard.

To select or deselect the assignment of a profit center to all company codes being edited ( ), select the row to which the profit center belongs and choose or .

To display the master data for the individual profit centers, double-click or choose .

If you want to reverse the changes you have made, choose . All company code assignments will then return to how they were the last time they were saved.

Check the company code assignments you have made. To do so, choose .

A company code assignment cannot be undone in the following cases:

Cost centersassigned to the profit center are contained in the company code in question.

Materialsassigned to the profit center are contained in the company code in question.

Save your changes.

If you have not already checked your changes, the system will trigger the check automatically when you save.