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  SAP Collections Management (FIN-FSCM-COL)


The components of SAP Collections Management support you in active receivables management. Using collections strategies, you can valuate and prioritize customers from a receivables management view. Cutomers that fulfill the rules defined in a strategy are distributed to the worklists of the collection specialists. The collection specialists then contact the customers in their order of priority in order to collect receivables.

To prepare the customer contact, you can use various key figures for the customer in the worklist. You can also display an overview of the current status of the open invoices of a customer account as well as the last payments, the customer contacts, and open resubmissions. If a customer gives a promise to pay, you can enter this in the system and follow its status. You can also define that a customer is to reappear on the worklist on a certain date. When you return to the worklist, you can documente the complete customer contact in the system.


If you are using both components, SAP Collections Management and SAP Dispute Management , you can create and display dispute cases from SAP Collections Management .