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 Pricing for NF Materials


Special condition types have been developed for NF metals settlement; these make the net rate and base value available for pricing. Pricing procedure NFM000 contains the following condition types.

NF condition types in materials management

Condition type



Net rate for gold


Net rate for copper

These condition types are used to support NF metal processing in pricing.


You define the NF condition types in Customizing of Purchasing at Pricing Control . You assign the condition types to the appropriate NF key in Customizing of NF Materials Management .

NF condition types belong to condition class A (surcharges or discounts ), must have calculation rule G ( formula ) and do not need an access sequence.

Condition 460 and basis formula 460 are entered in the NF condition types.

If no current rate is available in the system when a purchase order is created, the system uses the last valid rate. This rate is used to obtain a provisional price. Pricing is then repeated when invoice verification takes place. Until then an invoice block is set.


You have defined rate determination keyson purchasing organization level in Customizing of NF Metal Processing at Rate Determination Keys for Purchasing , and have assigned the following data.

  • a rate determination routine (FORM routine)

  • indication as to whether rate1, rate2 or rate3 is to be used in pricing

  • the way in which the rate date is determined (number of work days before or after the order date, first or last work day before or after a weekend or public holiday)

  • whether rate and base value are to be applied in pricing

  • whether a zero rate is permitted. If this indicator is set, the rate may be zero or it is not necessary to maintain a rate.

  • whether coverage applies at a key date rate or at a current rate

  • whether provision of material by the customer applies


Pricing is controlled using rate determination keys. The system uses the keys to find the appropriate rate determination routine and specific details on settlement. The rate determination routine controls pricing and settlement of purchase orders. It also controls special types of settlement such as provision of material by customers and material coverage (bulk agreements).