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 Deleting of Notifications Including Operations from Order


You have created an order as a " Worklist for Notifications ", and you now want to delete some notifications from this order, including the associated operations. You can, for example, delete these notifications from the object list of the order.


When you delete the notification from the order, the system runs through the standard checks for the deletion of operations, i.e. all operation-related data (such as components and purchase requisitions) are also deleted. The notification itself is then deleted from the system.

Pay attention to the following when deleting notifications from an order:

  • Operations can be deleted

The system deletes the notification and the associated operations from the order.

  • Operations cannot be deleted

Operations cannot be deleted if, for example, confirmations or goods movements already exist for an operation, or if an operation is the last operation in a released order. In this case, the system deletes the notification and all of the associated operations that can be deleted from the order. The operations that cannot be deleted remain in the operation overview. The reference to the notification is also deleted.

  • Notification cannot be deleted

A notification cannot be deleted from an order if it is entered as the header notification for that order. You can find information about how to proceed in this case under Detaching or Replacing the Header Notification of an Order .

Before deleting, you have the option to check whether or not all of the operations for a notification can be deleted (see Display or Change Operational Assignment of Object List Entries ).

If you delete all operations for a notification from the order, the system informs you that you are deleting the last operation for the notification. In this case, the notification is not deleted automatically. You must delete it manually.


You can delete the assignment of a notification to an order as follows:

Delete Assignment


In order processing

Call up the Objects tab page, and choose Delete line .

In notification processing

Depending on the application component in which you are working, choose one of the following menu paths:

  • Start of the navigation path Maintenance Notification Next navigation step Order Next navigation step Delete Assignment End of the navigation path

  • Start of the navigation path Service Notification Next navigation step Order Next navigation step Delete Assignment End of the navigation path