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SAPphone integrates telephony functions in SAP applications. This allows data to be exchanged between computer and telephone processes. The telephone functions can be used from the graphical user interface of the SAP applications and are supplied with data from the SAP System.

Users can select a person directly in an SAP application and establish the telephone connection. When an inbound call is received, the system either displays the caller data or launches a predefined SAP application. During a call, users can enter notes or edit tasks in an SAP Application.

The objective of SAPphone is to merge telephone and onscreen work, thereby integrating telephony more closely in day-to-day activities. SAPphone is intended for both office staff and telephone support staff in call centers.


As an SAP NetWeaver component, SAPphone is designed to be used as a cross-application module. SAPphone functions are part of generic object services, which means that they can be called in all applications that support these services.

It is possible to integrate telephony further in transactions, reports and workflow processes of applications. This enables data to be transferred automatically between the applications and the SAPphone functions. The following areas directly support outbound calls:

        Controlling (head of cost center)

        Application management (applicants and employees)

        Support for Sales and Distribution (contacts and visitors)

        Foreign trade (export licensors)

        SAP Retail (suppliers)

        Money market and foreign exchange (parties to contracts)

        Real estate management (business partners)

        SAP Business Workflow (enhanced user decision and integration of the Initiate call step as a work item in the workflow)

        Business Workplace (sender and creator of message)

        EDI (persons responsible for and parties to IDocs)

The following areas directly support outbound and inbound calls:

        Service Management (parties to service messages)

        Inventory Management (parties to Inventory Management messages)

        Quality Management (parties to quality messages)

        Treasury Management (business partners)

Sales and Distribution support also supports Predictive Dialing for telephone campaigns.


Basic Functions

SAPphone allows users to perform telephone functions by clicking the mouse. The following telephone functions are supported by SAPphone:

        Initiate call

        Receive call

        Terminate call


        Put call on hold

        Conference calls

The importance of integration between SAP applications and telephone processes is illustrated by the following functions:

        Caller identification for inbound calls

        Automatic launch of an application when an inbound call is received

        Display of caller data

        Linking of notes to calls

        Provision of caller information stored in the SAP System

        Storage of data on unanswered calls with callback function

        Attachment of calls to documents, work items and business objects

        Integration of calls in SAP Business Workflow

        Use of telephone calls to start workflows.

The function Initiate call is also integrated in Easy Web Transactions.

Call Center Functions

The following functions for connecting to call center systems are supported via the Interaction Center (IC).

        Telephony control and work modes (for example, registering in and deregistering from a queue)

        Support of predictive dialing for efficient processing of lists of telephone numbers (for example, when conducting a telephone campaign).





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