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 Perform Mass Change


You can use this function in the list editing to make changes to several notifications or orders simultaneously. You can also perform the mass change in the background.

Example Example

For example, after an organizational change, you can assign al the outstanding orders for a technical object to a new responsible work center.

End of the example.

On various tab pages that correspond to the tab pages from the notification or order processing, you select the fields that you want to change and specify the new value.

Recommendation Recommendation

For reasons of transparency, create smaller logical units of fields where you want to make changes.

End of the recommendation.

If a notification or an order is locked by another user, the system terminates the mass change.


You used the list editing to create a list with the notifications or orders to be processed.




What you should know

Perform Mass Change

Select the object to be changed and choose Notification or Start of the navigation path Order Next navigation step Perform Mass Change. End of the navigation path

A dialog box with tab pages appears. When you have selected the fields to be changed for a tab page, the tab page is furnished with a green arrow. Then you enter a new value on the tab page.

If you are working with both maintenance and service objects, tab pages from both Plant Maintenance and Customer Service are displayed. The program itself regulates what fields it replaces.

If fields are related to each other (for example, quantity and unit of measure), you must select all the related fields and enter a new value.

Only replace

You can also restrict the change to the contents of one particular field. To do this, select the field Only replace and then enter the value that should be replaced.

If the field is selected and you do not enter any value for it, the system replaces all the fields that are empty.

You can perform the following functions in the dialog box.

Check new value has the correct input format


Select the fields to be changed on the tab page

Select fields

Formulas according to which the values for certain fields are automatically calculated


Test changes

Test changes

The changes are not written to the database, but are just simulated.

Perform changes

Copy Changes or Execute

The changes are written to the database. They cannot be revoked.

Perform changes in the background

Perform in the background

You must choose Refresh to see the changes that were performed in the background.

Call up transaction SLG1 and look at the log to check whether the mass change in the background was successful. To do this, enter the object PM_MASS. The system outputs all the logs that were registered for the object PM_MASS for the time period specified.

Check the log after each mass change in the background.