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 Transfer to Data Medium Exchange (DME)


You can also effect payment of travel expenses to the employee directly from Travel Management via data medium exchange. You can choose between two scenarios:

Scenario 1: Payment by bank transfer

The payment programs create sequential files, which can be transported online or via disk to the respective house bank. The house bank can then pay the employee the travel expenses. When the house bank confirms successful completion of payment of the travel expenses, you usually have to post the total in financial accounting manually .

Scenario 2: Payment by check

Directly after the preprogram has been performed, as an alternative to scenario 1, a check printing program can be executed.


To perform payment via data medium exchange, you must already have carried out travel expenses settlement.

Process Flow

There are country-specific preprograms that produce, from the travel expenses results, country-specific datasets, which then serve as input for the country-specific payment or check printing programs.

Detailed information on data medium exchange can be found in Financial Accounting documentation under Start of the navigation path Financial accounting Next navigation step Accounts payable Next navigation step Payment program Next navigation step Data medium exchange. End of the navigation path


The travel expenses are paid to the employee either by check or by bank transfer to the employee’s account.

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