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 Checking Stock Material Availability

  1. Select the order you require in change mode.

  2. From the header data screen, choose Start of the navigation path Order Next navigation step Functions Next navigation step Availability Next navigation step Check stock material End of the navigation path .

Depending on your system settings and the data entered in the material master records, the system performs an availability check for all the materials that have been assigned to the operations in the maintenance order. It displays the results in an online message.

If there is not sufficient material available, you can display the error log containing detailed information on the results of the check using Start of the navigation path Goto Next navigation step Logs Next navigation step Material availability End of the navigation path .

Note Note

When you release a maintenance order, the system performs an availability check for the planned materials depending on your Customizing settings. If this check shows that certain planned materials are not available in sufficient quantity, then it depends on your system settings whether or not you can still release the maintenance order.

End of the note.

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