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 Posting a Goods Issue for Material to be Refurbished

  1. Choose Start of the navigation path Logistics Next navigation step Plant maintenance Next navigation step Maintenance processing Next navigation step Completion confirmation Next navigation step Goods movement Next navigation step Goods movement End of the navigation path .

  2. The entry screen for a goods issue appears.

  3. Choose the pushbutton For order .

  4. Enter the relevant order number in the dialog box and choose Continue .

    An entry screen appears.

  5. Choose Copy .

  6. The Maintain Serial Numbers dialog box appears.

  7. Choose Reference document .

  8. Enter the order number in the Refurbishment order group box and choose Execute .

  9. A list appears with the planned serial numbers for the refurbishment order.

  10. Check the selections of serial numbers, for whose material you want to post a goods issue, and choose Copy .

  11. The serial numbers are copied into the Maintain Serial Numbers dialog box.

  12. Choose Exit window .

The goods issue is posted.