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 Sales Pricing and Quotation Creation


You can use the sales pricing to calculate the sales price for a customer inquiry regarding a product or service. You save the result in a document. You can run as many sales pricings as you wish and compare the results.

As a rule, you use one of your sales pricings to create a quotation.

Caution Caution

Quotation creation in SD is not based on the sales pricing described here. For information on creating quotations in SD, see Customer Inquiries/Quotations .

End of the caution.

Implementation Considerations

If you had implemented the sales pricing in a release prior to 4.6A, you can continue to work with your usual settings if you run program RVPKUPD1.


Sales pricings are used in the Customer Service (CS) and Project System (PS) application components. For more information on sales pricing in those components, see:

Note Note

When the customer excepts a quotation, you can bill the customer for work done/materials used either flat rate or on a resource-related basis. For more information, read Resource-Related Billing .

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