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  Message Determination


You can automate the output or subsequent processing of partner-dependent messages by using message determination. The application calls message determination via defined interfaces.

You can use these interfaces to describe different data constellations and the desired processing methods. If one of these data constellations occurs in the application, appropriate processing is started either synchronously or asynchronously. You can define the processing in numerous ways, for example, as workflow, printout or as IDoc for EDI.

You can use message determination in Warranty Claim Processing to trigger the printing of credit memos , for example, and/or to forward warranty claim versions that have been received and processed via IDoc/EDI to the reimburser or claimant .


Message determination is a cross-application component (CA-GTF-BS) that can be called by Warranty Claim Processing using defined interfaces. It is active for the application RW in Warranty Claim Processing.

You can find further information in the standard documentation under Message Control (CA-GTF-BS) and IDoc Interface / Electronic Data Interchange (BC-SRV-EDI) .


  • In Customizing for Warranty Claim Processing under Message Determination you have defined a message determination procedure, message type, access sequences, tables and a field catalog for message determination (usage B for Message Determination , application RW for Warranty Claim Processing ).

  • You have defined condition records for message determination (transactions WYN1, WYN2 and WYN3 ).

  • You have assigned a message determination procedure to each warranty claim type in Customizing for Warranty Claim Processing under Define Warranty Claim Types .

  • You have assigned a partner function for the claimant and a partner function for the reimburser to each warranty claim type in Customizing for Warranty Claim Processing under Define Warranty Claim Types .

  • You have maintained partner profiles for the business partners for sending IDocs via EDI ( transaction WE20 ) and executed actions A860 Release Outbound Claimant Version for Sending and action A870 Release Outbound Reimburser Version for Sending .


Message determination procedure WTY001 with the following message types is delivered with the standard system:

  • W001 Printout/fax of credit memos

  • WTOC Shipping of warranty claim versions using IDoc/EDI. This message type has access sequence 0005. In this access sequence, the first access refers to condition records for the key Partner Type , the second access to condition records for the keys Release for Sending and Partner Type .

    Note Note

    This message type is restricted to partner types LI (vendor) and KU (customer).

    End of the note.


  1. Choose Messages on the tab page Version Details .

    A screen appears with a proposal for output, which you can change if you wish. As long as the traffic lights are showing amber, the message has not been sent yet. If the traffic lights are on green, the message has been sent.

  2. Choose Processing log to display the results of the output/message processing (number of the IDoc etc.).

    Choose Start of the navigation path Goto Next navigation step Determin. analysis End of the navigation path . The system displays a list of all the valid condition types for the item with a brief overview of the automatic output/message determination transactions.