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 Dummy Profit Center


The dummy profit center is the default profit center to which data is posted when the corresponding object has not been assigned to a profit center.

You can find out which objects are not assigned to profit centers by analyzing the postings assigned to the profit center. You can also assess or distribute data from the dummy profit center to the desired profit centers.


It may happen that some objects in your system are inadvertently left without an assignment to a profit center. In this case, postings to accounts which are defined as revenue or cost elements are assigned to the dummy profit center of the controlling area to which the object posted to belongs. This ensures that your internal and financial accounting data are reconciled.

Note Note

You should not assign data intentionally to your dummy profit center for the purpose of allocating it later. If desired, define a separate "allocation profit center" for this purpose.

End of the note.

You create the master record for the dummy profit center in Customizing. To change or display the dummy profit center, use the normal functions Change profit center and Display profit center (see Creating, Changing and Displaying a Profit Center ).


The dummy profit center is structured just like a normal profit center. The only difference is a flag indicating that it is the dummy profit center.