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If you want pricing to take place automatically and the items to be posted to FI and CO, material master records have to exist for all claim items in Warranty Claim Processing.

You create material master records in Warranty Processing in basically the same way as in the standard applications. The following paragraphs therefore only describe the settings that are specific to Warranty Claim Processing.


You use the material master record in LO-MD-MM to create material master records.

You can find further information in the standard documentation under Material Master Record .


  • You have to create a material master record for each item in a warranty claim because the entry of a material is required for pricing for all the items in the claim.

    For items of item type Labor value or External service , create a service material per item type, for example a service material Sublet for all items of item type External service and a service material Flat rate for all items of item type Labor value . You can then determine this service material via a catalog entry or enter it manually.

  • You define the parts that have to be returned in the material master record by selecting the fields Product Attribute 9 and/or Product Attribute 10 on the tab page Sales Organization 2 . Product Attribute 9 indicates the duty of the claimant to return the parts to the claim processor, Product Attribute 10 indicates the duty of the processor to the reimburser.

  • The entry in the Manufacturer field in the material master record (purchasing view) is proposed as default value in the Vendor/Manufacturer field in the item details if no purchasing info. record with a defined regular vendor exists for this material.


Choose transactions MM01, MM02, MM03 to create, change and display material master records.