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 Checking of Workflow Template Instances


You have a range of evaluations available for checking your workflow.

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Here we list only the most important evaluations that you can use to set up and test your workflow. For a complete list and for the documentation on the evaluations listed here, see the SAP Business Workflow documentation or the Application Help for the respective evaluations.

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  • Display details for a work item

    You can use transaction SWI1 (Selection Reports for Work Items) to get information about the following work item details:

    • Work item status

    • Protocol

    • Workflow container content

  • Work items by task

    You can use transaction SWI2_FREQ (Work Items by Task) to get information about the number of work items of the specified type, or about the specified tasks that were generated in the defined period. Double-click and the work item details appear. From there you can:

    • get information about the process objects used

    • use the Log pushbutton to output the technical details for processing the process

    • use the Graphic pushbutton to output a graphical workflow log. There is a combination of information about defining workflows and runtime information for the selected work item. This includes the following information, for example:

      • General status and work item status

      • History

      • Agents involved

      • Container elements content