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 Use of Production Resources/Tools


The utilities, which you need to execute an operation, are saved in the system as production resources/tools (PRTs). Examples of production resources and tools include:

  • Tools for repairing an object

  • Measurement and calibration devices

  • NC programs

  • Drawings

You can represent PRTs using one of the following:

  • Material master record

  • Document master record

  • Master record for other PRTs

  • Equipment master record

However, you can also manage a production resource/tool in the system without a master record.

You assign PRTs to operations.

However, you cannot assign PRTs to sub-operations.

Assignment of PRTs to Operations


You can use status management for PRTs to find out which business operations are allowed for a PRT, to determine, for example, whether or not you are allowed to perform an availability check.


The system provides a function, with which you can check whether the production resources/tools that you require for the order are available. This check function is similar to the one for materials.

You can also display a log that records the availability of materials and utilities.

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