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 Transfer to Accounting


SAP Travel Management formats the travel expenses for transfer to the Accounting interface and stores them as trip transfer documents (source documents). The travel expense data is either transferred directly to Accounting (if Travel Management and Accounting are in one logical system) or written to IDOCs that are distributed based on the ALE scenario (if Travel Management and Accounting are in separate logical systems).

When the trip transfer documents have arrived correctly in Accounting, the corresponding accounting documents are generated there.


The transfer of travel expenses to Accounting requires a number of system settings to be made in Customizing for Travel Management .

Note that certain settings in Travel Management (such as posting without input tax) require suitable account customizing in Accounting to enable the transfer.

Process Flow

The process is based on the Management of Posting Runs . It begins with the creation of a posting run , includes (repeated) checks and ends with the posting of a posting run .


The system has:

Collected the settlement results as trip transfer documents in a posting run

Checked the posting run to make sure that it is possible to post to all addressed accounts and account assignment objects

Transferred the data directly to Accounting or IDOCs for further processing