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 Import of Data


You can use EH&S OCC to import phrases and data for specifications from formatted table-based files into the specification database.

You can import data with or without a system connection. When you import data with a system connection (online), EH&S OCC loads the data directly into the specification database. When you import data without a system connection (offline), the program converts the data into a file that has the standard import format for specification data. You can then import this transfer file into the specification database by means of the specification import.

The phrase import is an enhancement to the specification import. EH&S OCC converts data from a table-based file into an import file that has the standard import format for phrases. You can then load this transfer file into phrase management by means of the phrase import.


  • You have installed the latest version of the program on your local computer.

    For more information about installing EH&S OCC, see SAP Note 568302Information published on SAP site.

  • You must have made the settings described in Customizing under Start of the navigation path Environment, Health & Safety Next navigation step Basic Data and Tools Next navigation step Tools Next navigation step EH&S Open Content Connector (EH&S OCC) End of the navigation path.


  1. Start EH&S OCC from the start menu on your computer.

  2. In the Data Import menu, choose the import of specifications or phrases.

  3. Load the formatted file containing the data that you want to import, into EH&S OCC.

    For more information about formatting the data, see SAP Library on the SAP Help Portal at Start of the navigation path published on SAP site Next navigation step SAP Business Suite Next navigation step SAP Environment, Health, and Safety Management (SAP EHS Management) Next navigation step SAP EHS Management as Part of SAP ERP Next navigation step Additional Information End of the navigation path.

  4. Connect to your SAP system to load the data directly into the specification database, or – without a system connection – generate an import file.

    Note Note

    Inheritance relationships of specifications can be loaded only with a system connection (online).

    To import phrases, you can generate only one import file. You cannot load the phrases directly into phrase management.

    End of the note.

More Information

For more information about importing data into the specification database and phrase management, see Import: Process.

For examples of import files, see Transfer File for Specifications and Transfer File for Phrases.