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You can classify your users by assigning a reference user with an appropriate classification. A user can inherit the classification of the reference user if:

        No additional roles or profiles are created for it

        It is not manually classified


A reference user with the required user classification exists. You can use the system measurement transaction (transaction USMM) to check this by displaying all reference users that exist in the system. To do this, choose Goto Reference User Classification and then Execute.

Creating a Reference User


       1.      Create a user in user maintenance (transaction SU01).

       2.      On the Logon Data tab page, choose the Reference user type, and deactivate the password.

       3.      On the License Data tab page, use the input help to select the contractual user type, and, if necessary, assign a special version or a country surcharge.

       4.      Save your entries.

Assigning Users a Reference User

Assign the relevant classified reference users to your users in the user maintenance or user mass maintenance on the Roles tab page.


You have classified the users indirectly using a reference user.

You can use the extended list of the measurement program to display a list of all users that inherit their classification using a particular reference user:


       1.      In the system measurement transaction (transaction USMM), choose the User Classificationoption.

       2.      Choose Extended List.

       3.      Specify the name of the reference user (with the input help), and choose Execute.


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