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 Execution Factor


Number of times the execution of an operation or sub-operation is repeated in order processing.


You can use the execution factor to influence specific operation data for the execution of the operation. You use this factor primarily when using task lists during order planning. It can be used to enter how often an operation should be executed for order processing.

Example Example

Winter tires are to be fitted to three vehicles of the same type.

To perform the work, you create an order for the three vehicles, which are managed in the system as pieces of equipment. For this, you use a task list which was created for the reference object. Four tires are assigned to operation 0030 with the text "Put on winter tires" and the work duration is 20 minutes.

You assign execution factor 3 to operation 0030.

As a result, the system increases the number of tires required to 12 and the planned work duration to 60 minutes.

End of the example.


The execution factor influences the following operation data:

  • Work

  • Duration

  • Material quantity

  • Operation quantity

The entries in these fields refer to the current execution factor for the operation in the order. The system multiplies the entries for work, duration, material quantity and operation quantity each time with the specified execution factor.

In the standard system, the execution factor 1 is proposed.

The execution factor for a sub-operation is defined by the execution factor for the accompanying operation.

Note Note

For operations in orders, the system always sets the default value 1 initially. However, you can change this value.

As a rule, the execution factor valid for operations in task lists is 1. If a different execution factor was entered in the task list, this becomes the default value used in order processing.

If the indicator Fixed lot quantity is set (in the component item under General data) , the execution factor of the components is not taken into account for the component quantity.

If the indicator Fixed op.quantity is set (on the external processing screen of the operation), the execution factor is not taken into account.

End of the note.