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 Roles in Travel Management


Beginning with Release 4.6, roles(single or composite roles) are available in SAP Travel Management that cover the most important tasks of the employees involved in processing trip data. Assigning roles to users enables the users to work in the SAP system purely on the basis of tasks and functions.

The roles in SAP Travel Management support both the decentralized and central organization of the trip process, as well as a mixture of the two with the focus on decentralization.

For the decentralized organization the travelers are responsible for entering their own travel requests, travel plans and travel expenses in the system. For a mixed or central organization these tasks are carried out by a travel assistant on behalf of several travelers. The role of the travel administrator allows the settlement of travel expenses to be organized centrally, whereby the settlements are entered and checked centrally.

You can configure the standard roles to meet your individual requirements. You can also create new roles.

The following roles are defined as standard for SAP Travel Management:



Travel Assistant


Travel Administrator


Approving Manager


Payer of Trip Advances


Travel Manager



To display, create, or edit roles, in the SAP Easy Access Menu choose Start of the navigation path Tools Next navigation step Administration Next navigation step User Maintenance Next navigation step Roles End of the navigation path .