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The example application supports various business processes that are connected with flights, flight trips, and flight bookings.


The application is intended for use in training courses and in demo materials only and is not intended for use productively.


The application provides support for the travel agency and airline(s) when performing tasks in the following areas:

  1. Flight information system and flight administration (airline)

The application provides support for airlines for the administration of their flight schedules, flights, and flight bookings, and for other administrative tasks such as organizing in-flight refreshments.

The most important entities are flight and flight booking.

  1. Flight sales system (travel agency)

The application provides support for flight ticket vendors for tasks such as looking for flight connections, and booking or canceling flight trips. The vendor is usually a travel agency. If the tickets are sold directly, the vendor can be an airline.

The flight sales system has to be linked with the flight information systems of all the relevant airlines. If a customer books a flight trip at a travel agency, the travel agency then has to make all the necessary flight bookings with the relevant airlines.

The most important entities are flight connection and flight trip.

  1. Administration of flight business partners (airline and travel agency)

The application provides support for tasks that are connected with the administration of business partners. These tasks are of interest to travel agencies and airlines. The business partners of a travel agency are the flight customers. The business partners of an airline are the travel agencies that sell its tickets, and also the flight customers (for direct sales).

The most important entities are flight customer and travel agency.


It is possible that the application is operated by an Application Service Provider (ASP), who makes it available to the various airlines and travel agencies as a service.

Various application options have been implemented.

User Interface for Travel Agency Employees and Customers

Travel agency employees and customers can use a suitable user interface to perform self-service tasks.

This has been taken into consideration, and all the necessary functions have been implemented. However, there is currently no application available for implementing user interfaces.

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For more information, see the following:

Distributed Systems for Travel Agency and Airline

The flight sales system (travel agency) and various flight information systems (airline) can be operated in different systems. ALE and BAPIs ensure synchronization and interaction between the systems.

This application has been implemented and is available.

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For more information, see the following:


Scenarios have been implemented for the various application options. There are functions available for each scenario. These functions are specified in the relevant scenario description in the Process Flow keyblock and under Functions.

The terms used in this document for a business application (flight, flight connection, flight trip, flight booking, flight customer, and travel agency) are defined in the Flight Data Application: Terminology section.

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