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An ABAP program can be terminated during its runtime for a number of different reasons. The database table SNAPTID lists all existing runtime errors (in total, around 1900).

To allow clearer processing, the runtime errors are divided into categories:


Internal errors

Error in the VM -> can only be reported to SAP using an error message.

Errors in the ABAP runtime

Errors in the screen runtime

Errors in the database interface

The system was able to roughly determine the area in which the error occurred. Next, clarify whether it was triggered by an internal error or by a programming error.

ABAP programming errors

Errors in the ABAP program, such as a division by zero or a catchable exception that was not caught.

Installation errors

These include, for example, inconsistencies between the kernel and the database. A typical installation error is therefore the error


Resource bottleneck

Typical example: SYSTEM_NO_ROLL. The application no longer has sufficient memory available.

External errors

The error was caused by a call outside the system.


      The code page of the operating system does not match the SAP system language

      An incorrect logon attempt occurred when calling outside the SAP system (for example, RFC SDK).

End user errors

These errors include, for example, incorrect end user printer settings.

No error

The program was not terminated due to an error, but rather due to deliberately performed actions.

Example: If an administrator actively cancels a running transaction, the RABAX SYSTEM_CANCELED is thrown. In cases like this, no error correction is required.

ST runtime errors

The error occurred during a Simple Transformation (ST). The cause is a programming error in the ST program.

Internal ST errors

The error occurred during a Simple Transformation (ST). There is an internal error in the ST VM.

XSLT runtime errors

The error occurred during the execution of an XSLT transformation.

ITS errors

The error occurred in ITS. These are usually HTMLB errors, however the error could also be due, for example, to a resource error within the ITS.





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