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 Approval of Trips


Within the framework of the general business process, the approval of an employee trip represents the connection between trip facts entry and Travel Expenses. An employee trip must be approved before it can be processed in Travel Expenses.

If you want to use SAP Business Workflow, Travel Management supports the approval process with two reference approval procedures that you can adapt to suit your company’s requirements.

If you do not wish to use SAP Business Workflow, you can use the Travel Expenses approval program, with which you can check and approve trips.


The person who approves trips requires special authorization to do so.

Process Flow

You can approve trips by changing the status of the employee trip to . ..approved . You have the following options for approving a trip.

Approval via SAP Business Workflow

Approval via the Approval Program

Approval via Entry Scenarios

The employee trips that are usually entered decentrally are transferred by the system to the persons responsible for approval (manager and/or expense department).

The person responsible starts the approval program and receives an overview of all trips to be approved.

Direct approval of a trip when it is entered technically possible if the person entering the trip sets the appropriate trip status before saving.

After the employee trip has been checked, the person responsible can effect approval, rejection or reprocessing of the trip.

The person who entered the trip receives a message to this effect.

From the overview, you can choose one trip and process it.

The person who entered the trip has to start an entry scenario in the system to learn the status of processing.

This scenario strongly supports the decentralized trip facts entry model.

Its advantage is that it connects all persons who are involved in approval directly via the SAP system.

This scenario strongly supports the centralized trip facts entry model.

The advantage here is not only the actual approval, but also a number of additional functions that support central management of employee trips.


The trip is approved. The system includes the approved trips in the next travel expense settlement run and settles the trip.