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 File Directories Configuration


When extracting data, the user specifies a single "logical" name for the extracted data. The user also specifies the directory set in which to store the extracted file(s).

The operating system or the hardware of your application server may place limitations on file size. If you limit the size of the extracted files when configuring DART , because of platform limitations or for other reasons, then the system may create multiple physical files for the data it extracts.

When configuring DART, you must specify how the physical files containing the extracted data are assigned into directories. You do so through the creation of directory sets and the definition of file path syntax.


  1. As part of the configuration, you create at least one directory set for DART users to store the extract data files. You may create multiple directory sets for different uses.

  2. A directory set defines a set of one or more directories in which the extract data files are stored.

    You need to decide how many directories are needed in a directory set. This depends on how many files may be created for data extracts on your application server.

    You can use the File Size Worksheet utility to estimate the potential size of data extracts on your application server.

    The potential size of a data extract combined with your specification of the maximum size of data extract files determines how many files can be potentially created for a data extract. You must specify the directory location of each of these files. You specify a location for each of the physical files, by assigning data volumes to directory paths. You do so in the definition of directory sets.

  3. As part of the configuration, you must also specify file path syntax , for constructing the full path and file name for all the files that may be created for a certain extract.

  4. When extracting data , the user specifies a single logical file name for the extraction and the directory set to use for that file or files.

  5. Depending on the actual size of the extracted data and the size limitation for extract data files as defined in the global data file configuration , the system determines how many physical files to create. The system assigns the different files to the different locations based on the volume list in the directory set definition. It uses the syntax for constructing file and path names based on the file syntax definition.