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 Determination of NF Structural Weight


This function enables you to determine the structural weight, which represents the imputed content of a non-ferrous (NF) metal and to copy this structural weight to the material master.


In Customizing for NF Metal Processing , you have assigned the NF metals that are to be entered as raw materials in the cost estimate to origin groups, by choosing Start of the navigation path NF Controlling Next navigation step Assign Controlling Area/Origin to NF Key. End of the navigation path


You can enter the structural weight manually in either the material master in the MRP 1 screen, or the system determines the structural weight using the product cost planning (material cost estimate) and copies the value to the material master. The system cumulates the inbound quantity of raw materials separately by origin group and writes the results in the material master of the costed material to the structural weight of the assigned NF key.

The system cumulates any existing structural weights for items in the cost estimate that do not have subitems and that are not assigned to a corresponding origin group.This allows the system, for example, to take account of externally procured semifinished products that contain a known quantity of NF metal.


In the material cost estimate (unit costing), choose Total NF and then Update struct. wt. The system will then determine the structural weight of the assembly and updates it in the material master.

If you run report /NFM/SUM_NE_KONSTRUKTIONSGEW after the costing run, the system automatically determines the structural weight for all costed materials and updates the values in the material master.