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 Repairable Spare


An inventory-managed single unit of material which can be uniquely identified by a combination of material and serial numbers, with an additional equipment master record if necessary.


Repairable spares are reserves in the warehouse for certain critical and high-value components, so that these parts can be replaced immediately in the case of a breakdown. In certain cases, fully functional repairable spares must also be available in certain quantities for legal reasons.

Repairable spares can be refurbished many times for defects or wear, and then made available again as spare parts.


Repairable spares are managed in the system in the form of material master records.

To identify single units of material, you have the option of assigning serial numbers. However, to do this, the following prerequisites must be fulfilled in your system:

  • A serial number profile is assigned to the material master record.

  • The operation PPAU must be assigned to the profile.

  • For the operation PPAU , the serial number allocation must be allowed in the Serial number usage field.

You can create an equipment master record for a serialized single unit of material.

Repairable spares can also be valuated based on their status. Possible valuation types could be:

  • New

  • Refurbished

  • Defective

Valuation types can be defined in the Customizing for Materials Management under Start of the navigation path Valuation and Account Assignment Next navigation step Split Valuation Next navigation step Configure Split Valuation End of the navigation path .


Repairable spares can be managed in an inventory.

The refurbishment of defective or worn-out repairable spares is represented using refurbishment orders .

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