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 Travel Expenses


The Travel Expenses function allows you to settle the travel expenses incurred by employees taking business trips simply and efficiently. The process of reimbursing the expenses to the employee is also improved.

Depending on the organization model of your company, the expense receipts are entered, checked, and settled centrally by the expenses department, or (in the decentralized model) travelers enter the data themselves with central monitoring of the trip data and information.

Depending upon the individual demands of your task structure or your country specifications, the employees can choose from a range of different entry scenarios.


You can:

  • Post travel expenses to SAP Financial Accounting (FI)

  • Allocate travel expenses to SAP Controlling (CO)

  • Allocate travel expenses to SAP Funds Management (FM)

  • Calculate taxation in SAP Payroll (HR)

The travel expense transfer amounts can be reimbursed to the employee via Financial Accounting (FI), Payroll (HR), or via Data Medium Exchange.

Within the Travel Expenses process, Travel Management accesses master data in SAP Personnel Administration (HR) (see Personnel Master Data for Travel Expenses ).

To support the approval process, Travel Expenses is connected to the SAP Business Workflow component (see Approval via SAP Business Workflow ).

Country and Industry Versions

The standard version of Travel Expenses in SAP Travel Management includes a great number of different country versions for which the statutory trip regulations and per diem and maximum rates are stored in the SAP system.

SAP Travel Management thereby supports all legally valid settlement methods of these countries as standard with a separate Trip Provision Variant.

SAP Travel Management also provides special country versions for processing trips in the public sector. For the public sector in Germany, versions are available for all 16 federal states.

For more information, see Country and Industry Versions of Travel Expenses .

Employee Self Service:Travel Management

The Employee Self Service (ESS): Travel Management was developed to enable the decentralized entry of trip data by travelers themselves. Using ESS, the travelers can both request and plan their trip and enter the relevant data in an online travel expense report after the trip has been completed (see ESS/IACs in Travel Management ).

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