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 Report RHUSERRELATIONS (Display User Assignments)


You can use this report to evaluate all existing HR authorization profiles of a user.

This includes structural authorization profiles and the HR Basis authorization profiles that are assigned to the user directly (using role maintenance) or indirectly (using Organizational Management ).


You can access a range of functions in this report that enable you to perform a targeted evaluation of the authorization profiles.

You can display the following information:

  • the complete list of authorization main switches and the specified values (in the selection screen using the function bar)

  • all persons assigned to the user in the Communication infotype (0105) (in the selection screen using the function bar)

  • the organizational units that the user is related to

  • the structural authorization profiles

  • the user’s role assignments and standard profiles

  • the authorizations on the basis of HR authorization objects (in Personnel Administration/Personnel Planning – multiple selection is possible here)

In addition, you can execute the report directly or in the background.


On the selection screen, you can choose one of four different options by selecting the relevant radio button each time you execute the report (no multiple selection possible):

  • Related Organizational Units

If you select this radio button and choose Execute , the report evaluates all relations between user and organizational units. The report determines:

  • the organizational units to which the user belongs (using the ORGASS evaluation path)

  • the organizational units for which the user is the manager (using the MANASS evaluation path)

  • Structural Profiles

If you select this radio button and choose Execute , the report evaluates the tables for structural profile maintenance:

  • table T77PR in which structural profiles are maintained

  • table T77UA in which the user assignment of structural profiles takes place

In the output list, you can choose between displaying a Profile View and a User View :

  • in the Profile View , all objects belonging to the structural profile that you selected in the output list are displayed

  • in the User View , the objects for which the user is authorized are displayed

Note Note

If a function module is used in a structural profile, all root objects that this function module determines are also displayed.

End of the note.
  • Roles and Standard Profiles

If you select this radio button and choose Execute , the report evaluates the following:

  • all roles assigned to the user directly by transaction PFCG (role maintenance)

  • all standard profiles the user has access to indirectly because of his or her relationships to an organizational unit/position

The 007 relationships "described" to the Role object type and to the Standard Profiles infotype (1016) of the related organizational unit/position are evaluated.

  • Display HR Authorizations

If you select this radio button and choose Execute , you must also select at least one HR Basis authorization object from the following list to ensure the authorizations belonging to it are displayed for the user (no multiple selection possible):


According to the option you selected, the output is a table screen, which contains the current authorization profile data.


  1. Enter the user name.

  2. Using the radio button, choose one of the four evaluation options Related Organizational Units, Structural Profiles, Roles and Standard Profiles, or Display HR Authorizations .

  3. If you want to display the HR Basis authorizations, also select one or more authorization objects.

  4. Choose Execute .