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  Universal Worklist (UWL)


SAP Enterprise Portal element that users can personalize as their central point of access to their tasks.

In HR Administrative Services , the universal worklist provides users with the current work items generated by the system when running a process within HCM Processes and Forms .

For more information, see Universal Worklist .


You have to use the universal worklist for all portal roles that you want to be involved in processes in HCM Processes and Forms . It is not necessary to set up a universal worklist for roles that only trigger the process start but that are not involved in other process steps. The SAP Business Workflow enters the current processing steps as work items in the relevant user's universal worklist.

The universal worklist is already integrated in the Manager and HR Administrator portal roles. It is set up to enable the system to display work items from HCM Processes and Forms .

If you want to set up additional portal roles to use HCM Processes and Forms, you must configure the universal worklist accordingly when integrating the portal roles.

For more information, see the Implementation Guide for HR Administrative Services under HR Administrator -> Set Up Display in Universal Worklist .


When calling up a work item in the universal worklist, the system starts the form application .