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This optional setting is only required in exceptional cases. The tables supplied by SAP are usually sufficient.

The following values are supplied by SAP:

These entries are used to determine country codes to be inserted in recipient numbers and the digits in the local area code that must be deleted when dialing internationally.

If necessary, you can define your own rules for recipient number adjustment. For the inbox the rules are valid for the whole client. Whereas, for the outbox, you have to define the rules for each node.


You can specify exceptions for adjustments to the country codes in country exceptions for each destination- and recipient country. This may be required, for example, in border areas.

The rules for number adjustment for outbound faxes are defined during the node creation process. Enter the string of digits that is to be replaced and the string of digits that is to replace it. As a rule, you can add a comment.


Example of an adjustment for faxes within the local exchange area for a communication system in Germany in the town of Walldorf, which has the local area code 06227.

Number Replaced

Replacement Number




Recipient numbers within Walldorf

In order to check the number adjustment in accordance with the rules created, you can carry out routing tests.

The rules for recipient number adjustment for inbound faxes or SMS messages are defined in Customizing. You can change the Customizing settings while the system is in operation. To call Customizing, choose Settings Recipient number change inbox in SAPconnect administration.