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  Settling Trips


During settlement, the system creates settlement results for each trip from the trip facts entered and stores them in the database. They form the basis for payment, posting, and possible taxation of the travel expenses.


In the framework of the Travel Management general process, the settlement of trips is situated between trip approval and the transfer to Accounting, Payroll, and data medium exchange.


Trips must fulfill the following requirements before the system includes them in settlement:

  • Time of trip must precede the end date of the payroll period.

  • Approval status must be. ..Approved.

  • Settlement status must be set to To Be Settled.


Using the trip data entered and the reimbursement rates specified in Customizing, the Travel Management settlement program calculates the results (specifically, the reimbursement amounts) for a trip for a certain payroll period.

Trips and travel requests can only be processed by the settlement program if they have the approval status Approved and either To Be Settled or Canceled as the settlement status.

Reimbursement rates are determined and stored in the database for all trips and requests which have the approval status Approved and the settlement status To Be Settled and which take place before the end date of the payroll period. After settlement has taken place, the settlement status of the trip or request is set to Settled.

In the case of trips with the approval status Approved and the settlement status Canceled, the payroll period which was valid until a settlement run is performed is replaced by the payroll period with which the settlement program is started.

You can start settlement of individual trips directly from either the Travel Expense Manager or the weekly report, or you can start mass processing. You can perform mass processing either online or in the background.