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  Editing Specifications

  1. Search for the specification you want to edit by executing one of the following procedures:

    • Search for specifications manually

    • Execute a query

    • Load a set of hits

      A set of specifications appears in the form of a hit list if the SAP system finds data records matching the search criteria of the manual search or query, or if the set of hits loaded contains specifications that exist in the system.

      Note Note

      If the specifications you are searching for are not contained in the hit list or if the search result contains too many hits, you can fine-tune the hit list (see also Basic Functions in the Hit List ).

      If you have to edit a specification frequently, you can transfer it using drag and drop to the navigation area of the specification workbench . From there you can open the specification by double-clicking it and perform a number of functions using the context menu for the specification, for example, start output, create reports for the specification, or delete the specification.

      End of the note.
  2. Choose one of the following:

    • If you want to edit one specification, select it in the hit list by double-clicking it.

    • If you want to edit several specifications in the hit list in succession, select the required specifications and choose with the quick info text Choose .

      The Edit Specification: Header Data screen appears. It contains the data for the first specification selected.

  3. Enter the required data on the tab pages and in value assignment . You open the value assignment types for value assignment in the detail area of the specification workbench. For more information, see:

  4. Save your entries.

  5. If you have selected several objects, choose with the quick info text Next Object .

    The next selected specification is displayed for editing.