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 Specifying Key Dates and Change Numbers


With this procedure you specify the key date and the change numberwhen you enter the specification workbench.


If you want to specify a change number, you must have created it in engineering change management (see Engineering Change Management for Specifications ).


  1. In the Basic Data and Tools menu choose Specification Workbench .

  2. Double-click with the quick info text Key Date for Editing below the toolbar in the specification workbench.

    The Global Parameters dialog box appears.

  3. Enter the required data and confirm your entries. If you enter a change number, the system uses the valid-from date of the change number as the key date. This overwrites a key date that has been entered manually.

    A dialog box appears in which the specified data is displayed.

  4. Confirm your entries.


The key date and the change number apply for all specifications that you display, create, or change in the specification workbench, independent of the specification category of the specification. This means the system displays all specifications for the key date entered and makes all changes to these objects in the change statewhose validity interval includes the key date. If you enter a change number, the system makes the changes with this change number. Your settings are valid until you exit the specification workbench again. If you have set the Retain Setting indicator, your settings are also valid for all future accesses to the specification workbench until you change the settings again.

When you call a screen to search for specifications of a specification category, the system checks whether the set change number is permitted for the specifications of this category.