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Function documentationCarry Out Mass Change in Operations


You can use this function in list editing to change the field contents of different fields for several order operations at the same time. You can execute this mass change directly or in the background.

On various tabs, which correspond to the tabs in an order operation, you can select the fields that you want to change, and specify the new value.

Recommendation Recommendation

To keep an overview, form small logical units of fields that you want to change.

End of the recommendation.

If an order is locked by another user, or the operation change that you desire is not possible (for example, because a required field would be deleted), the system terminates the mass change.


You have used list editing to create a list of order operations to be processed.




What you should know

Carry out mass change

Select the object to be changed and choose Start of the navigation path Operation Next navigation step Carry Out Mass Change End of the navigation path

A dialog box with tabs appears. When you have selected the fields you want to change on a tab, the tab is shown with a green checkmark. Then enter the new value on the tab.

Replace Only

In addition, you can restrict the change to a specific field content. To do this, select the Replace Only field, then enter the value that you want to replace.

Note Note

If this field is selected but you have not entered a value, the system replaces all fields that are empty.

End of the note.

You can perform the following functions in the dialog box.

Check new value for correct input format

Check Entries (Check Entries)

Select fields to be changed on tab

Select Fields (Select Fields)

Formulas according to which specific fields are calculated automatically

Enter Formulas (Enter Formulas)

Test changes

Test Changes (Test Changes)

The changes are only simulated, without updating the database.

Carry out changes

Carry Out (Carry Out)

The changes are updated in the database. They cannot be undone.

Carry out changes in the background

Carry Out in the Background (Carry Out in the Background)

To see the changes that have been carried out in the background in the list editing list, you must choose Refresh.

To check whether a mass change that ran in the background was successful, call transaction SLG1 and look at the log. Enter object PM_MASS. The system displays all logs that were recorded for object PM_MASS in the specified time period.

Recommendation Recommendation

Check the log after every mass change in the background.

End of the recommendation.