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  Authorizations for Human Resources


Authorizations control system users’ access to system data and are therefore a fundamental prerequisite for the implementation of business software.

In Human Resources, authorizations play a significant role since access to HR data must be strictly controlled. There are two main ways to set up authorizations for SAP Human Resources:

You can set up general authorizations that are based on the SAP-wide authorization concept or you can set up HR-specific structural authorizations that check by organizational assignment if a user is authorized to perform an activity.

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All information refers to the SAP Standard Release 4.70 unless otherwise stated.

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Implementation Considerations

To decide how best to set up your authorization requirements, see Technical Aspects for all relevant technical information about both authorization types.


You can set up both authorization types (general access authorizations and structural authorizations) simultaneously. This can lead to a complex interaction of authorizations. For more information, see Interaction of General and Structural Authorizations .


This documentation explains which values to select and how to use them to set up authorizations for each authorization type. For more information about the authorization types, see General Authorization Check and Structural Authorization Check .

For more information about the customer enhancements available for HR Authorizations, see also Customer Enhancements .

For help with setting up authorizations and information about important help and tool reports for authorizations, see Additional Functions for Authorization Checks .


For information about the known problems and suggestions for solving problems, see Constraints .


Simple examples demonstrate how you can accommodate different authorization requirements.