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 Technical Basics for Business Workflow for HCM Processes & Forms


The tasks involved in the administration of HR master data can be simplified and streamlined with an appropriate, automated process control. SAP Business Workflow provides a range of possibilities to refer tasks (such as the creation of special HR master data) to those employees who are most familiar with this data.

For this reason, SAP Business Workflow is the central component for HCM Processes and Forms to depict and structure the HR processes. The special architecture of the workflow objects provided and their relation to the other HCM Processes and Forms components enable you to set up process variants and new processes quickly and easily.


The SAP Business Workflow controls the following functions in conjunction with the other HCM Processes and Forms components:

  • Workflow Template

    You use workflow templates and form scenarios to map your processes in Personnel Administration. In addition to sample form scenarios, predefined demo workflow templates are also provided for the most important Personnel Administration processes, such as hiring, organizational reassignment, and leaving. These are closely linked to the processes and form scenarios also provided in the standard system.

    In addition to the demo workflow templates depicting business processes in the enterprise and the agents involved, there are also workflow templates that you can use to control technical processes such as handling errors or automatically saving data.

  • Standard Tasks

    Specific standard tasks for HCM Processes and Forms are available to map the individual business or technical steps in the workflow. You can use them to control the work performed in the form application and the functions that are available in each process step.

  • Agent Assignment

    With the agent assignment rules specific to HCM Process and Forms , you can determine the appropriate user for each process step.

    The agent determination rules specify how the system is to determine the agent (processor) of a workflow step. These agents then receive a work item in their Universal Worklist.

    Note Note

    Alternatively, you can also send an e-mail to an agent. This technique is particularly suitable if the agent of a workflow step seldom works with the portal or if you cannot provide a universal worklist for the agent. For additional information, see the Implementation Guide for HR Administrative Services under Start of the navigation path Configuration of Forms/Processes Next navigation step Process Configuration Next navigation step Enhanced Messages End of the navigation path .

    End of the note.

    The standard system already contains some agent determination rules .

    You can also use the rules for agent determination to run the authorization checks. The authorization checks are run using the authorization objects of HR master data authorizations. For more information, see Authorization Concept of HCM Processes and Forms .

The following diagram illustrates the interaction of the individual SAP Business Workflow objects with the other HCM Processes and Forms Customizing objects.

Relationship Between Process Steps and Workflow Templates