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 1.2.5 Defining the Programming Exit at the Workflow Template Level


In this part lesson, you define a programming exit for your workflow template so that the system can ensure communication between the workflow and the process object.


  1. Choose the Basic Data function for your workflow template.

  2. Choose the Version-Dependent (Current Workflow Version) tab page.

  3. Choose the Programming Exits tab page.

  4. Enter the class CL_HRASR00_POBJ_WF_EXIT in the Programming Exits (Accessed in the Displayed Sequence) area.

  5. Check the entry.

    To do this, choose Enter and check if the interface IF_SWF_IFS_WORKITEM_EXIT in the Implemented Interfaces area is displayed as implemented . Implemented interfaces are indicated by a green icon.

  6. Save your workflow template.


The following graphic shows what the tab page looks like after inserting the programming exit: