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 Mass Processing of Manufacturing Orders with Characteristic Selection


This function enables you to select manufacturing ordersthat have a common characteristic and characteristic value, and to further process the orders using the standard transaction Mass Processing: Production Orders (COHV) or Mass Processing: Process Orders (COHVPI).


You can only use this function for production orders or process orders.


In your system, you have created manufacturing orders with characteristics and characteristic values.


On the entry screen, you specify which characteristic and characteristic value you want to use to select the relevant manufacturing orders. Further processing of production orders and process orders takes place separately, so you cannot select both types of order simultaneously.

If you do not specify a variant name, the system uses the following standard variants:

  • SAP&HVOM for production orders

  • SAP&HVOMPI for process orders

The system selects the data in accordance with your entries and proposes the data as selection parameters in the corresponding standard transaction Mass Processing of Process and Production Orders . You execute the standard transaction. An overview appears with the selected manufacturing orders, which you can then process further.

Note Note

You cannot use this function to select manufacturing orders that contain a co-product or a by-product as a material variant.

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In the SAP Easy Access menu, choose Start of the navigation path Logistics Next navigation step Production Next navigation step Production Control Next navigation step Control Next navigation step Mass Processing with Characteristics End of the navigation path or Start of the navigation path Logistics Next navigation step Production – Process Next navigation step Process Order Next navigation step Tools Next navigation step Mass Processing with Characteristics. End of the navigation path